Eboyo, Transforming Sri Muktsar Sahib's way of buying things

In the state of Punjab in India, lies a bustling town called Sri Muktsar Sahib with a population of 40 thousand. An entrepreneur from Sri Muktsar sahib identified the latent need of people to order not just food from restaurants but anything from electronics to daily grocery and get it delivered at their doorstep. Soon this entrepreneur entered into a partnership with us, Eboyo.

Eboyo is one of India’s fastest-growing on-demand delivery platform, with over 10 Million customer base in 30+ cities across India. Eboyo is an on-demand delivery app, which is a first of its kind in India. It provides customers with the flexibility to order anything around the clock, with fast and well-grounded delivery experience.

The Goal

To help people in Sri Muktsar Sahib meet their on-demand delivery needs anytime & anywhere

The Approach

The Sri Muktsar Sahib Eboyo partners along with Eboyo’s centralized team worked extensively on the on-ground operational strategies to prepare the merchants and delivery agents for receiving and fulfilling customer orders. To ensure that the order fulfilment rate remains high, we along with our Franchisee put merchant and delivery agent engagement policies in place.

Along with this, a detailed analysis was performed to understand Eboyo’s customers’ persona while developing deep insights on their behaviour on social media. This helped our central team in deriving creative strategies to better target new Eboyo customers in Sri Muktsar Sahib while driving down cost per app installation.

The Execution

The Eboyo app as people’s full-time delivery partner in Sri Muktsar Sahib received a warm welcome with orders flowing in from day 1 itself. We received orders for delivering restaurant food, grocery, electronics, medicines, and even important documents forgotten at home. As the people of Sri Muktsar Sahib realized that getting anything on their doorstep is just a click away, Eboyo downloads tripled. Meanwhile, we had equipped our Franchisee with on-ground operational processes that have worked for us in the past to cater to this high customer demand. From merchant and delivery agent enrolment to educating them about the app usage to engaging with them while

solving their queries - we along with the franchisee ensured that everything was in place to fulfil all customer orders, every day. While our marketing campaigns on social media and offline branding activities resulted in higher app download and increased customer orders, our Franchisees ensures that we have a capable workforce on the ground to ensure efficient demand fulfilment. As the customer orders increased, so did the trust of merchants and delivery agents registered with us. This not only resulted in increasing the popularity of Eboyo among the people of Sri Muktsar Sahib but also made the Franchisee owner profitable and successful in the coming months.

Key Wins


25% increase in app downloads (within 2 months of launch)


45% increase in the number of orders (in 3rd month of launch)

The Goal

“Now Sri Muktsar Sahib team is aiming to successfully cater to 1000 orders per day”.Eboyo’s franchisee is looking to add this feather in their cap in the next quarter.

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