• Pros & Cons of Food Delivery Business Online

    Delivery of food can be described as a facility of courier service in which restaurants, stores or third party applications send out food to consumers when they demand. The rise of the modern-day food delivery system can be attributed to random shift in lifestyle or also rather as an economic necessity...   read more

    7th NOV 2020
  • Popular Business Models for On-Demand Food Delivery Apps

    The purpose of existence and functioning of on-demand food delivery startups share a common psychological value in the on-demand economy. All food delivery startups take up the responsibility to conserve the time and efforts of people when it comes to ordering and receiving food ...   read more

    16th June 2020
  • Bring Out the Entrepreneur in You, Associate with eBOYO

    The competition in the food tech industry is getting competitive to an extreme extent. It is now depicted by heavy discounts, rising operating costs, and also the unpredictability of customers is a significant characteristic. The on-demand food delivery market is expected to reach $161.74 billion by the end of this year. ...   read more

    19th Dec 2020
  • Techniques to create awesome food content for any YouTube channel

    Video content speaks volumes of its creator and the topic it covers. It not only has the attractiveness element which adds to the engagement of the audience, one has to also keep revising the content with refreshing themes so that the viewers keep coming back for more. One is able to speak one’s mind through the channel and express one’s views in the open. ...   read more

    3rd Jan 2021
  • Building an on-demand delivery application for profitable business

    Online ordering is the order of the day and more than 60% of consumers worldwide prefer ordering online because they don’t like to shop in crowded stores during peak hours. This represents the huge demand for business and attracts many prospects to begin investing in it. One of the most promising avenues in on-demand delivery businesses is grocery delivery online. ...   read more

    16th Jan 2021
  • Launch your own on demand delivery business in your city

    The on-demand economy is growing at a rapid pace as the requirement for immediate access to goods & services is the need of the hour. Customers, due to a wide variety of choice available in the market, want to access goods & services anywhere they want & at any time they need. This has given a tremendous boost to the on-demand delivery business model. ...   read more

    5th Feb 2021

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