Techniques to create awesome food content
for any YouTube channel

Video content speaks volumes of its creator and the topic it covers. It not only has the attractiveness element which adds to the engagement of the audience, one has to also keep revising the content with refreshing themes so that the viewers keep coming back for more. One is able to speak one’s mind through the channel and express one’s views in the open. When it comes to food content, everyone needs food and usually people get bored of eating the same food day in day out. So a YouTube channel is a great medium to showcase one’s talent through displaying recipes, unfolding some tips & tricks, quick meals, healthy diets and more.

One can plan the channel as per own choice and focus on one specific content but ofcourse there is no fun in that. If the audience seeks variety, why not give it to them! If you are looking for ideas to explore and publish on the channel, here we present ten ideas to create great video content and have an awesome time doing it!

  • Lists: A good list is in everyone’s preference bucket list. A sure shot method to do justice to a list is to be seasonal and topical. For example, one can make a list of the favourite autumn treats. Share five ways to relish crabs. Picturize a glamourous countdown to the festive food of the country towards the end of year. Whatever be the mode, ensure to request the subscribers to contribute their own favourites in the comments section below the video.

  • 5 ways to cook with a single ingredient: There are some foods in the market which are less experimented with. Why not make it an exciting journey for the audience and share easy recipe ideas to prompt them to experiment with new food in the kitchen. Make a pick from let’s say a simple seasonal fruit, a single protein or a spice blend. Prepare a quiz to churn in subscribers and suggest their own ingredient that could be featured in the next video.

  • Single Recipe: This is the topmost choice of video that new channels make initially. The advantage of YouTube is that one can get in front of the camera and develop a stronger bond with the subscribers. Personalization in cooking while shooting this particular type of video gels well with a good voice-over or subtitles to aid.

  • Multiple themed Recipes: Seasonal meals such as Christmas brunch or Holi festivities make for great content opportunities. Create and share a complete menu for your subscribers. There is no need to cook everything on camera, just save some recipes for your blog and you can redirect viewers there.

  • Techniques: Let us come to the fact, some people are afraid to cook as they are not aware of the correct technique and are not willing to waste food. Dive in and assist them! Explain to them the cooking basics of some extraordinary recipes. With this one can create more traffic for the channel. Link back to those technique videos with an annotation or a card whenever a recipe video is made.

  • Grocery Haul: This is indeed a popular genre and a good way for FoodTubers to attract more subscribers. Place the camera on a tripod and unbox every item you bought at the grocery store or at the market. Seems like one of those toy unboxing channels doesn’t it?! But just for adults! Personalize the video by sharing what you intend to cook with the food just purchased.

  • My Fridge, My Friend: It is a good idea to explain how the fridge is organized. Take a tour of every shelf with the camera and explain on hand what is there to cook this week. There is the option to extend the video by adding a pantry tour, give views of how the spice drawer in the fridge is organized.

  • Tasting Test: Here one can collaborate with another YouTuber from a similar niche. Collaboration is a super way to fetch new subscribers and grow the community. One can also get into a partnership with a pal and have each other try to identify 6 to 10 food items.

  • What’s eaten in a Day: This has now become a YouTube Classic. The focus is on a complete eating day. Explain the natural diet and share every meal with viewers. There is no compulsion to wait for an exclusive dining out event to venture in this genre. People fascinate to discover how others eat.

  • Focus on the Local: Generate content that will appeal to travellers seeking a visit in your area. The ask for reviews from the subscribers. The possible ideas could be touring the local market, make a list of must visit restaurants or share a recipe that brings out the potent local ingredients. Speak about what makes your area a fantastic destination for foodies.

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