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The competition in the food tech industry is getting competitive to an extreme extent. It is now depicted by heavy discounts, rising operating costs, and also the unpredictability of customers is a significant characteristic. The on-demand food delivery market is expected to reach $161.74 billion by the end of this year.

One of the core strengths of online food delivery services is the variety of food options which represent the diverse cuisines that are available. This boosts the taste buds of foodies. Over a period of time, a whole bunch of online delivery apps have boomed across India. It has now become a fad for urban middle-class audience to order food through these online apps. This has made food delivery an integral part of each and everyone’s lives.

Each one us today seeks convenience and swift service. Due to the hectic schedules followed, increased tech development, lack of free time, food online delivery is making inroads to everyone’s lives. Since everyone wants to be in the league and not undermine their own presence, it is a favourable opportunity for online food-delivery.

There has been a huge growth of entrepreneurship too in India. This blends an opportune time to venture into the world of online food delivery business.

The overall demand for food delivery is still increasing at a yearly rate of 3.5 percent. This indicates the potential of the industry and the pace at which the aligned business can grow. Food is one such industry where there is no looking back as hunger pangs need to be adhered to.

There are various benefits of franchising in the food industry. Some of which are as follows:

Associating with us will provide you with best in class tools & technology. This shall enable the operations of your on-demand delivery business to function effectively.

Guidance shall be provided with complete hands-on training from experts pillared with experience

There shall be 24/7 facility of support on behalf of our team when needed. This way you get more orders and fetch more revenue.

We provide free hosting with the support of Google analytics & SEO so that your online presence is multi-fold.

Add your catalogue to our database after registering and your business will start getting orders in no time.

Once you are part of our family, you can trust us to ensure you with the best of the services in every possible way.

As we put in efforts to make “local more vocal”, we shall together sail through the journey and reach peak heights with the satisfaction of customer intact.

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